Wednesday, 29 June 2011


The whole way through this FMP I have felt that it has given me new challenges which have been difficult and have made me learn about technical drawing methods such as the intercept theorem to do with scaling. I’ve really improved my skills with Google Sketch which has been the main program which I have used throughout this final major project.

I chose the theme speakeasies because I felt it held a lot of history and secrets that some many law abiding American citizens held, about this hidden institute. The government officials must have had a lot of guts for taking this action upon States which had a high intake of alcohol. Through my research of the prohibition I thought that the returning soldiers held the weight of the whole prohibition because them coming back from war and having been introduced to this fine liquor, but also the suffering, and torment that war brings upon young boys and men with families. in this time saloons became really popular and thrived on huge crowds of eager citizens and law officials. but with an increase of alcohol crime rate shot up to record high, there had to be a 'STOP' to the crazy madness of uncontrollable pleasures. 
the Prohibition came in, in 1920 but only lasted for 13 years. in my opinion they stopped the selling and drinking of alcohol too quickly, a shock to the system. so speakeasies were created. with this new industry had to take lots of planning to make sure they didn't get found out. clear systems where put in place to hide an sign on  liquor being sold, the alcohol was held in deep underground sellers, so if any police or law officials come snooping they would only have to press a switch which would demolish the entrance/route. another clever thing was that some speakeasies were held in offices/work places, so work through the day party and entertain by night. when by chance the officials did come to inspect, bribing them with the so wanted and needed liquor, which kept there business going. passwords were another element that was put in place to ensure only the right people got entertained. 
in my project i wanted to create a modern replica of an 1920's speakeasy, but i wanted to have two different aspects, one a party/clubbing theme, letting your hair down from the daily life problems. two a area with business men could enjoy a good stiff drink without being shot. my two reference area where for the calm area was a gentlemen's club from the T.V. series 'Jeeves and Wooster' 1920 a gentlemen and his man servant. for the club my reference point was the movie 'Moulin Rouge' not the whole sluts and sex, but the interiors of the stage area the spacing of everything, a big dance floor and large stage, plus adding different levels so its doesn't appear so flat footed. 
my artists that i have selected for project were one, 'Philippe Starck' an interior and product designer. i loved his style of no walls untouched that their was so much creativeness involved, using his creativeness to produce unique and innovative outcomes, for example this design for the ghost chair has really inspired me to look future than the surface for a design but to explore the aspects shape, colour and texture. the second artist i researched was in fact an exhibition i went to in St Ives in Cornwall and i saw this artist called 'Roman Ondak'

we went into this room which seemed to be just as strong band of clustered dots but when i looked closer you could see that it was people names height and the date in which they went to look and that exhibit. i had the idea of using this comsept in the hallway of both the court, so every guest would have to have they're name writen down and height on the walls. 

when researching clubs i found that they seem to either surported the side of either floor space or sitting and dancing, so in my case i wanted to surport the side of dancing and stage entertainment. 

for the gentlemen's club i wanted to give it a completely different feel to the club side, i wanted to create a warm and welcoming feel and a confortable place to stay for hour on end. in the design for the interior i chose dark bright wall with different design on them, one wall was completely covered in a red quilting effect. no natural light, dimmed lights, i kept the magitrates court bench for the bar but up cladding on the sides and a dark grey top. arm chairs were leather high backed dotted around in groups, with devivers to seperate the room. 

in my opinion the time scale for this project was too long,which didn't help my time keeping.